Stop beating yourself up!

Constant self-criticism & self-doubt lead to stress, exhaustion & resentment.
In the end, you’re running on empty, & that doesn’t help anyone.

 It’s time to be a bit kinder to yourself, & offer yourself some encouragement instead of blame.

To help make it easier, I’ve made a subliminal ‘Being Kinder to Yourself’ MP3 for you that you can play in the background any time.

Self-criticism can lead to burnout which makes it even harder to do a good job & stay on top of things.

The research shows that self-compassion leads to improved performance & better results, by reducing stress. 

The beliefs being spoken underneath the sound of the ocean waves are:

💜 I love myself

💜 I give myself the grace to take the space when I need it

💜 It’s easy for me to choose things that support my health and happiness

💜 I’m proud of myself

💜 It’s easy for me to see the big picture and how much progress I’ve made 

After a day or two, you’ll start to notice that you feel:

💚 Less self-critical

💚 Less stressed

💚 More energised & positive

Hello, I’m Liz!

I’m a burnout recovery coach and Belief Architect.

Think of me as the Marie Kondo for women on the brink of burnout.

I show you how to declutter your overloaded to-do list & prioritise your self-care without the guilt.

What People Say

Thank you so so much. Already feeling some positive results – much calmer during the day and better sleep. I look forward with much hope and gratitude with what else this audio will bring. 

Donna V.

Just wanted to say thanks for the self love audio file. I’ve been playing it every morning as part of my ‘wake up’ routine, and am really enjoying it.

Siobhan McK.

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