Your Burnout Personality is the Role Model

In order for me to be at my best for others around me, I needed to find some time for myself.” – Michelle Obama


Congratulations, your Burnout-detector is switched on! You’re tuned in to yourself, so you notice when your body or mind or emotional state are ‘in danger’ of burning out.

You’re able to recognise and react to ‘dangers’ to your wellbeing before they happen. You’re aware of the risks of Burnout and what pushes you beyond your limits. So you’re great at preventing burnout by taking regular breaks for healthy food and exercise, getting enough sleep, and knowing how to get the right balance of work and play in your life. You know that when you notice what you system needs and act it, you get more done in the long run.

You’re a really positive role model to those around you, demonstrating by your own actions that self-care is important. What’s more, by taking care of yourself, it helps others to feel ok about taking action regarding their self-care too. Whether you’re a boss, a friend, or a parent your actions speak louder than words could do – it shows the people around you that you practice what you preach which then gives them permission, so to speak, to look after themselves.

You’ve got the balance right for being able to succeed and enjoy your life- well done!


You’re great at recognising what’s needed for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing to prevent Burnout.

But sometimes the down-side of this level of care and awareness is that you’re too careful and don’t ever let your hair down or ‘live it up’. Being careful can become a cage, it can rob you of spontaneity and ‘silly fun’ in case it disrupts your wellbeing routine. So make sure to include some elements of the new, the unexpected or the spontaneous in your life, and in your self-care and wellbeing routine too!

The main risk for you is that you might go onto autopilot with your Self-Care habits. If you ‘set and forget’ and keep doing ‘same old, same old’ instead of being open to fresh ideas, you risk getting bored, or even not noticing whether or not your healthy behaviours are still working for you.

Your well-tuned Burnout Detector is a huge asset, but stay attuned and change things up if you need to, rather than going onto autopilot and not noticing what adjustments might be needed.

You Might Be Feeling


On autopilot



Looking Forward

You’re doing a great job of self-care and preventing Burnout.

But don’t get stuck in a rut! Try something new, be a bit adventurous – maybe try a new type of exercise or some new recipes. If your wellbeing routines are rigid, they can create stress and that is not the point of doing all the good stuff you do!

Maybe you’re in a mental rut about there only being one way to do things, or feeling anxious that if you ‘break your routine’ you’ll never get back on track … Those beliefs or mindset might benefit from coaching that would gently challenge you to explore different ways of achieving your wellbeing goals. Imagine how being a bit more flexible and playful with your wellbeing guidelines could add a certain zesty balance to your life!

Was your Burnout Type what you expected?

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