Flourish Wellbeing & Self-Care Coaching

It’s time to take care of yourself!

If you:


Put everyone else first


Find it hard to say No and set clear boundaries


Never feel good enough


Sabotage yourself


Feel burnt out and powerless

Then it’s time to:


Re-energise yourself


Feel seen and appreciated


Prioritise your wellbeing


Create boundaries that are fair and respected

The Flourish Process

Vibrant Wellbeing is a Burnout Prevention & Self Care coaching program that helps you overcome guilt, exhaustion and stress, to create a happy, balanced life.
I’ll show you how to beat burnout so you can have a vibrant life via personalised one-on-one coaching package.
We will:
  • identify and remove the old patterns and negative beliefs that have been making you stressed and overwhelmed
  • release stress and anxiety associated with change, and with people’s reactions to the new you
  • explore mental, emotional and physical ways to overcome burnout and live a vibrant life
  • create a Personalised Flourish Roadmap including a doable, easy to maintain Self Care strategy so that you can live your life with energy, joy and ease!

How I  Work with Clients


Flourish Wellbeing Coaching is not a one size fits all model that you have to squeeze yourself into. And it’s definitely not more things to add to your to-do list! It’s a process where you can honestly explore what you want in life, what’s missing and what’s been getting in the way, without feeling selfish or judged. It’s where you get free from the internal and external expectations and conflicts that are keeping you stuck, and find the strength, wisdom and compassion to prioritise your own needs, without the guilt. Working together over 2, 4 or 6 months, I’ll support you as you travel along your tailored Flourish roadmap so you can live a full, balanced and joyful life.

You’re longing for a life filled with love and joy and purpose.

I hold a kind and compassionate space as you release the old you, and become who you choose to be.

I look forward to exploring it all with you!

How We Work Together


Depending on your goals and intentions, we’ll work together in 2, 4, and 6 month increments.

Each package includes:

  • 2 live sessions/month
  • 2 check-ins with corresponding status updates
  • Unlimited Voxer access
  • Customised Vibrant Transformation Roadmap
  • Access to relevant resources, materials, audios, videos, exercises
  • Meditations and subliminal positive beliefs audios
  • Reflective exercises and self-assessments to help you chart your shifts
  • Bi-weekly homework

What  You Can Expect

Easy, effective tools and strategies that reduce stress and overwhelm

Time for YOU and the things that energise you

Feel energised and excited about life

Feel comfortable and confident saying No

Let go of self-doubt and guilt

Packages are available in 2-, 4-, and 6-month increments

What People Say

I started working with Liz not long after my husband passed away and I was struggling with myself and life.  The work I did with Liz to change my unhelpful beliefs became an essential part of an ongoing period of growth and development. Liz has the ability to get to the heart of a problem and her skill, always very professional, could always be relied upon to turn things around. I am at the point now where a new start in life feels good.

- Libby D.

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